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Name Birth Death
1 Welton, Sarah
2 Welton, Margaret
3 Welton, John
4 Theobald, George
5 Corbould, William 1740 1791
6 Corbould, Pelham 1766 1811Hoxne Abbey Suffolk England
7 Corbould, Pelham 1741
8 Corbould, Elizabeth 1767
9 Theobald, Elizabeth 1767
10 Lorimer, Catherine 1741 1831



User Comment Last updated
1 Jean Nimmo Slater This record is linked to: Family: Robert Briant &
Text: My great grandparents were William Nimmo and Agnes Haggart. William Nimmo was a gardener at Scatwell House, where William's son John Nimmo met Annie Martha Corbould. Annie was, as far as I...
June 24, 2013 3:21
2 Roni Braslins This record is linked to: Person: Kerry Patricia Anderson
Text: I am seeking information to allow me to contact Kerry Patricia Anderson. Kerry is a first cousin of my father Ronald Edward Pearse. My father was born in Richmond BC Canada on 8 October 1939, and...
May 25, 2013 5:31
3 Aaron Cowley This record is linked to: Person: Frederick Theobald (1798-1801)
Text: Frederick Theobald was born December 5, 1798 in Starston, Norfolk, England. He was christened on January 3, 1799 in Starston, Norfolk, England. He died February 13, 1801 in Starston, Norfolk,...
February 10, 2013 0:33
4 Aaron Cowley This record is linked to:
Text: Pelham Corbould Theobald was Born June 1, 1793 in Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Eye, Suffolk, England. He married Mary Manning (born 20 May 1797 in Eye, Suffolk, England) about 1818 in...
February 1, 2013 15:10


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