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At the moment, the Art + Artists section of this website is being rebuilt to offer a much wider range of examples of works by these artists. The new pages will allow sorting and searching by type of work, by artist, or title.

In the meantime, the information below is from the earlier version of the website...

Established Corbould artists
There were six generations of established artists within the Corbould family in England in the period early 18th - early 20th centuries. The relationship of [most of] these artists is shown here. Click the links below to see details of each artist.


Example works

George Corbould 1725-1766
John Corbould 1726-1775
John Corbould 1755-1808

Richard Corbould 1757-1831
John Corbould 1779-????
Henry Corbould 1787-1844
Charles Corbould 1787-1825
Aster Richard Chilton Corbould 1811-1882
Edward Henry Corbould 1815-1905
Henry Heath Corbould 1821-1861
Alfred Hichens Corbould 1821-1874
Alfred Chantrey Corbould 1852-1920
Walter Edward Corbould 1860-19xx
Walton Corbould 1859-1919

Eveline Mary Corbould-Ellis 1868-
Enid Mary Corbould-Ellis 1896-

George Corbould
John Corbould
John Corbould
Richard Corbould
John Corbould
Henry Corbould
Charles Corbould
Aster Richard Chilton Corbould
Edward Henry Corbould
Henry Heath Corbould
Alfred Hichens Corbould
Alfred Chantrey Corbould
Walter Edward Corbould
Walton Corbould

Eveline Mary Corbould-Ellis
Enid Mary Corbould-Ellis